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Welcome to my Advanced ELA 8 Page!
Always check Harmony for grade updates & the Daily Student Agenda when in doubt about homework and its due date. 
Language Arts Rocks My Socks!
Daily Student Agenda

The image to the left is YOUR reminder to check the Daily Students Agenda.  It is linked over to the right, underneath "pageLinks."

Classroom activities, updates on homework, as well as upcoming assignments and their due dates will be posted daily to the Student Agenda. 

Rules & Polices

Classroom Rules & Polices are linked below. Please take note of the Harmony codes on page two. 

ELA 8 Rules & Polices

Tuesdays with Morrie

Right now in class we are reading the nonfiction-biography, Tuesdays with Morrie.  It is a brilliant story with a great message for all, to live life to the fullest...

Tuesdays with Morrie - The Text


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Created: Aug 23, 2013
Updated: Sep 22, 2015
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