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    Welcome to Brownstown Central Middle School!

    BCMS Happenings

    Mr. McClure's Weekly Blog 
    “The Principal’s Post”

    UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT (Monday, March 1st)

    BCMS To Have a Full Student Day on Friday, March 5th
    Please note that BCMS will be in session all day on Friday, March 5th.  It will be a regular school day.  (March 5th was originally scheduled to be a half day for students to allow for teacher professional development in the afternoon.)

    Added Note:  The scheduled BCCSC early dismissal days for students on Friday, April 23rd, and Friday, May 7th, are now REGULAR school days.  Students will be in session the entire day on these dates also.

    Also, as BCCSC has exhausted all weather school cancellation make-up days that were part of the BCCSC 2020-2021 School Calendar, BCCSC schools are now scheduled to be “in session” on the three(3) remaining snow make-up days of:

    Friday, April 2nd
    Friday, April 9th
    Monday, April 12th

    Click here to access an updated BCMS School Calendar.

    BCMS Online Spirit Store
    Support BCMS by purchasing Brownstown Central Spirit Wear. Click here to visit the online store. Orders must be placed by Sunday, March 14th. 

    Choir Concert!

    Thanks to all of the Choir students for a great performance. If you would like to see the performance, click the link below.

    Red Day Student Choir Performance- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEC4R2ctaAc
    Black Day Student Choir Performance- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZkjedlvAeI

    We would like for parents and students to be aware of BCMS’ plan in the event of any additional inclement weather school closings/cancellations this winter.

    Should BCCSC schools need to close due to inclement weather going forward, these days will be eLearning days! 
    Students will be expected to remote learn from home according to this schedule.

    BCMS eLearning Class Schedule

    Pd. 2      8:00-8:30        (30 min)
    Pd. 3      8:40-9:10        (30 min)
    Pd. 4      9:20-9:50        (30 min)
    Pd. 5      10:00-10:30    (30 min)
    Pd. 6      10:40-11:10    (30 min)
    Pd. 7      11:20-11:50    (30 min)
    Pd. 8      12:00-12:30    (30 min)
    Lunch    12:30-1:15      (45 min)
    Individual   1:15-3:00        (105 min) - Online Assistance as Needed

    eLearning days are school days!  BCMS students who fail to engage with their teachers and classmates in accordance with the eLearning class schedule below will miss instruction and learning assignments.

    On eLearning days, students are expected to:

    1. Attend each class period virtually at the time indicated via Google Classroom.  (Attendance will be taken.)
    2. Engage in the planned eLearning lesson.
    3. Complete all eLearning lesson activities/assignments (either during the scheduled class period or during the extended “Individual Online Assistance” period in the afternoon).
    4. Check their student email accounts for any special announcements from teachers/the school today.
    5. Engage teachers (as needed for assistance) during the afternoon “Individual/Group Instruction” time from 1:30PM-3:00PM.

    Last Week

    You will see all relevant information listed on BCMS Happenings where information will be posted and updated as needed.

    Thank you for visiting the Brownstown Central Middle School Website.

    Lunch Menu


    Fulfill Your Potential

    To Fulfill Your Potential at BCMS, You Must:
    1. Behave in a manner appropriate for school
    2. Show respect for the people and property around you.
    3. Be in class every day with a positive attitude
    4. Come to class prepared with the appropriate materials
    5. Keep a folder, notebook, or binder for each class
    6. Update your agenda daily
    7. Complete daily assignments
    8. Participate in class discussions and activities
    9. Ask for extra help when needed.
    10. Study outside of school

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