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Sportsman's Creed

The Player

He/she lives clean and plays hard.  He/she plays for the love of the game.  He/she wins without boasting, loses without excuses and never quits.  He/she respects officials and accepts their decisions without question.  He/she never forgets that he/she represents their school.

The Coach

He/she inspires in his/her players a love for the game and a desire to win.  He/she teaches them that it is better to lose fairly than to win unfairly.  He/she leads players and spectators to respect officials by setting a good example.  He/she is the type of man/woman he/she wants his players to be.

The Official

He/she knows the rules.  He/she is fair and firm in all decisions.  He/she calls them as he/she sees them.  He/she treats players and coaches courteously and demands the same treatment for himself/herself.  He/she knows the game is for the players and lets them have the spotlight.

The Spectator

He/she never boos a player or official.  He/she appreciates a good play no matter who makes it.  He/she knows that the school gets the blame or praise for his/her conduct.  He/she recognizes the need for more sportsmen and fewer "sports".