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Last fall I had the privilege of attending our fall band concert.  As I sat and listened, I was reminded, again, of what we are able to accomplish when we work together for a common purpose.  When doing so, what results is often times greater than the sum of the individual parts.  In education and business circles, they refer to this concept as “synergism.”

Although each student was responsible to individually play his/her instrument, only through their collective efforts, their commitment to one another and to the “team,” were they able to perform as a singular unit that was "synergistically" better than the collection of their individual instruments.  The band students' performance serves as a perfect example of our larger effort as a middle school.

In staying with the music theme, I came across the following that I believe provides an apt analogy to our efforts as a middle school: “One hundred pianos all tuned to the same fork are automatically tuned to each other . . . When we look upon our circumstances or ourselves rather than our vision, we inevitably devolve into division, battling over opinions and preferences, feeling hurt and hard-done-by . . . until we are all tuned to the same fork, we cannot be anything but discordant.  One hundred pianos will sound fine alone but cacophonous together . . . unless tuned to the same fork.”

As a school, our missionvision, values, goals and beliefs are our "tuning fork."



Brownstown Central Middle School
Webster’s Dictionary defines mission as, “the act of sending or state of being sent for a particular purpose.”  For BCMS, our mission is our clear understanding for our purpose for existence.

The mission of Brownstown Central Middle School is to make all students future ready by providing a safe, engaging learning culture based on the character principles of mutual respect, personal responsibility, and gallant resourcefulness.


Webster’s Dictionary defines vision as, “the act or sense of seeing.”  It also defines vision as, “keen foresight” or “a beautiful person or thing.”  While our mission is our clear understanding for our purpose for existence as a school, it is our vision that paints the picture of what we can become together.  This is how we “see” our school: 


Brownstown Central Middle School develops intellectually reflective students who value learning, are intrepid in their pursuits, and support each other in becoming productive citizens in the global community.


Webster’s Dictionary defines value as, “that quality which renders something useful.”  It also defines value as, “something intrinsically useful or desirable.” Add an “s” to value and you have, “principles or standards.”


Our values define those attitudes and behaviors we embrace as an organization.  (Careful . . . you just might find our “Three R’s.” )  As a middle school:

We will model respect.

We will be personally responsible.

We will practice resourcefulness.

We will exhibit integrity.


Webster’s Dictionary defines a goal as, “the score achieved in a game.”  It also defines goal as, “the end aimed at.”


Our goals provide the reinforcement and feedback needed to measure our progress toward realizing our school's vision.

Brownstown Central Middle School students will achieve an average school pass rate equal to or greater than 80% in both math and language arts.  95% of all Brownstown Central Middle School students will attain typical or high academic growth each academic year.


Webster’s Dictionary defines a belief as, “the acceptance of something as fact.”  It also defines belief as, “conviction,” “reliance,” “creed,” and “expectation.”

Our beliefs are the guiding principles that influence the development of the culture, activities, and practices of our education program.   As a middle school, we believe:

Everyone has the capacity to learn.

Everyone has the personal responsibility to learn.

Education is earned, not given.

High expectations for all students lead to greater individual growth at all academic levels.

Providing timely and relevant interventions insures student progress.


Accountability for excellence is shared . . . students, teachers, parents, and community.

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