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It's all about ATTITUDE!
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As a learning community, BCMS holds the following vision for its students and staff:  to, “develop intellectually reflective students who value learning, are intrepid in their pursuits, and support each other in becoming productive citizens in a global community.”  And while this is an enduring future aim for our students, attaining this ideal requires attention in the present.

The late Zig Ziglar was famous in affirming that, “if you put the good stuff in, you’ll get the good stuff out.”  At BCMS we try to actionably “put the good stuff in” through the promotion and reinforcement of our foundational school principles of Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness, as well as our weekly “Brave Quote.”

We believe that every day can be a good day.  And while some days are disguised with challenges, perhaps even setbacks, each day holds the inherent potential of helping us move toward our personal goals . . . and our collective goals as a school . . . if we don’t give up . . . if we continue to “put the good stuff in.”

Just like reading, writing, and arithmetic are taught and practiced before being mastered, guiding and reinforcing the positive conditioning our thoughts each day empowers us to train and direct our thinking.  This ultimately determines the trajectory of our minds, our behaviors, and our lives.  What we expect, and what we think about, we are likely to get.

The story is told of the late Connecticut Governor, William Cross.  Governor Cross was known to be a ceaselessly positive thinker.  At breakfast he would say to his family, “It’s a good day for it!”  The Governor never specified for what, but the family knew that he expected it to be a good day regardless of what the day might bring.  No doubt the Governor experienced his fair share of setbacks, frustration, disappointments, and adversity, but his attitude and belief that the day was indeed good led to a successful, and lastingly impactful, career in public service.    

BCMS is on its own, “It’s a good day for it!” campaign!

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Doug McClure
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Photo Gallery
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Doug McClure
Teacher Phone Number
812-358-4947 x1201