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The Three R's of BCMS
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Our foundational principles of Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness define who we are as middle school.  Any one of these key principles, functioning independently without the support of the other two, in and of itself is incapable of sustaining our individual and organizational framework of success.  Our success advances only as far as our efforts to consistently exercise these core principles.

I was introduced to the Three R’s roughly a decade ago. In my experience as a parent and as a school administrator in that time, the Three R’s principles have validated themselves over and over again in countless situations, conversations and affiliations. Encouraging and insisting upon the development of these three character traits within our children hold the greatest promise for their future success.

As a young father, and at the time also a young school building administrator, my father encouraged me to read a book by John Rosemond entitled, “A Family of Value.” In a stunningly straightforward and articulate way I was introduced to the Three R’s principles. The life lessons were not so much a revelation as they were a reminder about what is truly required for personal fullfilment regardless of age, ability or aptitude. 
As this book was recommended to me, I would recommend it to any parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher, minister or friend who wants to be reminded that, as adults, we do a great disservice to our children when we, “substitute the ‘sounds good’ of self-esteem rhetoric for the lessons of citizenship and character development.”

At Brownstown Central Middle School, the Three R's are who we are.
The Three R's Defined

courtesy, expressions of good will or regard, to honor or esteem, to be considerate of


Three components to Respect:





Respect for persons in positions of legitimate authority (police, coaches, teachers, parents)



Respectfor self – the idea that you are of significant value and that your life mission (whatever it is now and whatever it will be) is important (you have an impact on everyone around you . . . for  good or bad)

Respect for peers – the idea that the manner in which you treat your classmates is essentially an extension of how you view yourself; it is your attitude toward our human nature


obligation, accountability, a person, family, team or organization that one is answerable to





The heart of Responsibility is a willingness to accept ownershipfor one’s own social behavior as well as for assignments from authority figures.


the ability to deal skillfully with difficulties and problems





The "guts" of being Resourceful is a hang-in-there, tough-it-out, don't quit, try-and-try again attitude toward the many challenges of life. 

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