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Welcome to Mrs. Fritz's Class!
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During the upcoming school year, students in the 8th grade will be studying the history of the United States from its beginnings through the Reconstruction Era. Students will learn about various events in our nation's history: early civilizations, explorers, colonial times, the Revolutionary War, the Constitutional Convention, westward expansion, the Civil War, and Reconstruction. Students will experience a variety of activities integrating both secondary and primary sources. These sources will come from print and online materials. Students will be engaged in reading, writing, and investigative assignments to further strengthen academic and social skills. Individual and group activities will be scheduled throughout the year to allow for independent studies and collaborative opportunities.
Supply List






All Students/ All Classes

  • Earbuds or inexpensive headphones.

  • Pencil/binder pouch (3-holed to attach in binders works great)

  • Pencils

  • Red pens

  • Highlighters

Students Will need earbuds or headphones at various times as they view online lessons or video clips.

  • Available in BCMS Library.

    • $1.00 - Earbuds (while supplies last)

    • $2.00 - Earbuds in pouch with attached keyring to fasten in binders

Social Studies

Mrs. Fritz

  • 1 inch binder (to be shared with science)

  • 3 divider pages with tabs for binder

  • One box of 12 colored pencils

  • 1 box of Kleenex


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Jessica Fritz
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