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Weekly Agenda
August 20th-24th

Grade 8:

SAT Spelling:

accost     affluent     belligerent   capricious   despondent  

extravagant     loquacious     morose     recapitulate


*Spelling test on Friday!

*AR Goal for Trimester: 30 points


Grade: 7

SAT Spelling List:

acclaim     affliction     bestow     enthrall   exuberant 

hospitable     infuriate     overwhelm    reprimand    wary

*Spelling test on Friday!

*AR Goal for Trimester: 25 points

August 27th-31st

Grade 8 SAT Spelling List:

audacious     chastise    encroach     fortify     munificent

pariah      persevere     repudiate     sympathetic   variance

*Test on Friday!


Grade 7 SAT Spelling List:

authentic     bleak     customary     endure    grueling    

legacy         nimble     persist        robust      wince

*Test on Friday!

Sept. 4th-7th

Grade 8 Spelling List:

immense   majestic    numerous      horizon     awakening

beaming   patronize  obligation   psychological   attribute  

* 15 AR pts due by Friday, September 21st


Grade 7 Spelling List:

resilience      perseverance     generosity     struggling

impairment      frustrated        supervision     charitable

philanthropist   influence

* 12 AR points by Friday, September 21st

August 26th- 30th

Grade 8: Spelling List

Double Consonants:

allusion     attitude     summary   assess   connotation

collaborate    annotate    ellipsis    narrative   omission

*Spelling tes/ Vocab quiz on Friday!

* Level Reward Day on Friday!


Grade 7 Spelling List

Double Consonants:

allusion     parallel     summary     alliteration     sufficient

connotation     collaborate     annotate     appositive


*Spelling test/ Vocab quiz on Friday!

*Level Reward Day on Friday!

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