Doug McClure
A Dedication Prayer for BCMS

Holy Lord,

We thank you for the gift of faith in you and for all that we can learn of you through the study of faith and fact; we ask your blessing on these classrooms, that all who study, learn and teach here may grow in the knowledge of you and of one other's faith and share those gifts of wisdom and insight for the benefit of your world and its people; we ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Lord God,
We thank you that you have given to your people a rich variety of gifts, so that while some are seen as strong and have weaknesses that are not seen, some who are weak have gifts that are unrecognized and uncelebrated but that are present for their good and for your glory; we ask now your blessing on this place of learning and these who teach within, praying for the work that will be done here and the care, support and education that will be offered in your name.  Amen.