Doug McClure
BCMS 20/20 V.I.S.I.O.N.


BCMS’ 20/20 V.I.S.I.O.N. begins with being conscious about how we use our VOICE.  The words we say, and send electronically, have impact.  What we speak to ourselves and to others, knowing when to speak and when not to, and how . . . all contribute to the power and the effect of our VOICE . . . for good or ill. 


IDENTITY is the integrity of what we say and what we do.  It’s about being our best selves when others are watching, and when they aren’t.  It is who we are, and who we see ourselves becoming.


SELF-DIRECTION doesn’t require the pushing or correction of others to do what’s right.  SELF-DIRECTION is the personal motivation that fuels the aspiration to become your best self, to realize your personal destiny, and to not be constrained by the opinions or limitations that others might try to place on you.  Direction, not intention, determines destination!


INTERCONNECTION accepts that being our best selves requires that we engage, encourage, and assist others.  We are at our best when we see and treat others as though they were at theirs.

Own your power

OWN YOUR POWER means to accept the responsibility for your thoughts, efforts and actions.  We become what we think about.  Our thoughts are directly tied to our results.  Part of owning our power is taking controld of what is in our mind!  Power can be applied positively or adversely.  You OWN it, and its affects!


NOW is our only guarantee!  What we plant must return to us.  There are no do-overs in the NOW!  NOW will never come again!  NOW is an attitude!  NOW is an investment . . . both in ourselves and in others.