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Mr. Lanier

Technology Survey!
Please complete the survey this week in class or outside of class.

Week 1: August 8-12
* During our first week in English Language Arts 7, we will be reviewing the classroom procedures to ensure we have a successful school year.

* We will also begin reviewing the parts of speech and getting started right away with our writing in the Writer's Notebook. 

* Spelling Workbooks will be distributed and Lesson 1 will be due on Friday. 

Week 2: August 15-19
This week in English Language Arts class we will be working on the following: 
* reviewing the parts of speech
* spelling lesson 2 "Long Vowel Sounds" (regular LA only)
* SAT vocabulary list 2 (advanced LA only)
* Writer's Notebook Entries 2 and 3 - prewriting activities for personal narrative "Life Graph" and "Blue Print" strategies

Classroom Supplies
Students will need the following materials for 7th grade Language Arts:

*(1)Classroom Binder (1 1/2 inch)
*(1)Two-pocket folder (with or without metal clasp in middle)
*(1)Spiral Notebook
*pencils and ink pens (blue or black ink)
*Divider tabs for binder (need 5)

Research Paper: Topic/Big Question
Click HERE to submit your topic and Big Question.

Reader's Digest: Writing a Summary ASSIGNMENT
Follow the link below to choose one of 5 articles from Reader's Digest about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences.

You will read one of the five and type a short summary using Open Office Writer.

When you finish typing your summary, you will save it in your student folder and print a copy for me to grade.

Reader's Digest Articles

Writing a Letter
This week we are working on writing a letter to a famous athlete, actor, musician, author, etc. that you admire. We will type these letters in class and mail them to the actual person! Hopefully you will get a reply to your answers and/or requests!

Use the LETTER GENERATOR from Read Write Think to type and print your letter.

Thank You Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving
Week of November 12

We will be reading the book Thank You Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving.

We will be doing a writing assignment inspired by the book.

You can read the book

Thank You Sarah:The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving
In class on Wednesday, Nov. 16th we read the AR book Thank You Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving. If you were absent, you can read the book on from my webpage! You will need Oppen Office Presenter or Microsoft Power Point.

After you read it, you may take the AR test.

Students were asked to next write a business letter to the Postmaster General asking him to make a stamp in honor of Sarah Hale. You letter must include three reasons to support your argument.

Week of August 19

Writing and Grammar Workbook pages 1 & 2 - DUE WEDNESDAY

Advanced Only:
Spelling Writing Activity - Use at least 5 words from the spelling list in a short paragraph on your opinion on the use of technology in school. Please underline, highlight or bold the spellings words in your writing. - DUE WEDNESDAY

Classroom Assignments Week of September 3 - 6
Labor Day - No regular classes

Spelling Workbook Lesson #3 - Due WEDNESDAY

Intro to verbs - Grammar Workbook p. 13/14 - DUE THURSDAY
Writer's Notebook Entry #5 (personal experience - life graph)

Linking Verbs - Grammar Workbook p. 15/16 - DUE FRIDAY
Writer's Notebook Entry #6 (personal experience - 1st person true story)

Linking Verbs - Grammar Workbook p. 17/18

Week of September 16 - 20
Monday: Spelling Lessons 1-4 Review pages 9 and 10 in the spelling workbook.

Also, feel free to read the article on the Voyager mission and the Golden Record here:

Blackfoot TRIBE
1. Access the Google Draw file by clicking the link below (you must be logged in)

2. Click "Make a Copy" and this will save a copy of the file to your Google Drive

3. Rename the "copy" file (BlackfootYOURNAME)

4. Customize your TRIBE sign to look how you want (note: you may use your Chromebook's camera to snap a pic of yourself to attach to this document!)

5. Share your poster with me (click share and search my username:

Week of August 17
This week will be doing quite a bit to get us started with the school year.
1. We will be taking a Lexile assessment in all classes to let us know what your reading level currently is.
2. Advanced classes will begin studying vocabulary words that commonly appear on the SAT test
3. Regular classes will receive their spelling workbooks and we will begin with Week One (Lesson #1)
4. We will also review PARTS OF SPEECH
5. As always, we will continue to WRITE in our Writer's Notebooks!

Please check Harmony for the daily homework assignments!!

Classroom Novel: Where the Red Fern Grows
We are currently reading the novel Where the Red Fern Grows in class. The book and all assignments can be accessed through my Google Classroom.

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