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2012 Geography Bee
2012 Geography Bee Preliminary Round

2011-2012 Vocabulary Bee

2011-2012 Vocabulary Bee

2011-2012 Vocabulary Bee Final Round

American Generation Poster Display

Examples of American Generation posters are provided below. Use these and the checklist to create your own American Generation poster as a conclusion to your I-Search paper.

2012 Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee 2012 Preliminary Round

All About Me
All About Me is a unit designed to familiarize students with Open Office Draw so they can create projects in all classes.

All About Me Posters - Pd. 2,6

How to ....
How to Format a Works Consulted

Student Password Change
Click the appropriate link below to begin the process of changing your computer password. You will soon be using this new password to access the BCMS server, AR, Destiny, Moodle, and Google Apps.

8th Grade Web Evaluation
Teens and Smoking Tobacco

Real Vampire Myths, Exaggerations, and Facts

American Civil War

Social Studies - Latin America Project
Click the attachments below to see a sample of a trifold brochure and to download a template to make your own brochure.

Parent Information

In the Helpful link section on the right, you will see AR Home Connect. This allows your child to log in at home and show you how many AR points he or she has.

You will also notice World Book Online. Your child can contact the library to get a password that will allow him to use World Book at home.

Summer Reading Program

The BCMS Library will be open on Wednesdays this summer from 12 - 6 pm. Students can check out books, take AR tests, and bank points for the 2011-2012 school year. Click here to find out more about our summer program.

The Summer Program will run from June 8 - August 10, but we will be closed Wednesday, July 6.

Academic Challenges

The Academic Super Bowl competition took place on Saturday, April 30, at 9:00 am at Seymour Middle School.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Spelling Cartoons
Spelling Cartoons

Spell Bowl

Quiz 1

Quiz 2 (page 4)

Science Speed Challenge

Speed Challenge Period 2

Speed Challenge Period 3

Speed Challenge Period 5

Speed Challenge Period 6

Speed Challenge Period 7

Speed Challenge Period 8

All About Me

All About Me Period 3

All About Me Period 5

Acuity Review

Quia Review Page: Figurative Language

Use the activities to review as much as possible, but make sure you take the final quiz.

MLA Citations
MLA Citation Practice 1


Poetry Link

YHBA Information
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Group slideshow example.

Date Formats - Mr. Young

Months of the Year - Concentration

Months of the Year - Numeric Format

Months of the Year - Ordered List

Months of the Year - Hangman

Months - Picture Perfect