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Brownstown Central
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Academic Competitions

Brownstown Central Middle School offers an array of opportunities for students to participate in academic-related competitions. These include intra-curricular activities that take place in classrooms as well as extra-curricular activities which take place outside the school day. Winners from Intra-Curricular activities are recognized at our end of the year awards program. Students participating in Extra-Curricular activities are recognized at end of trimester or end of year award programs as appropriate. For more information relating to these academic opportunities, contact Karen Ault, BCMS Library Media Specialist.

Intra-Curricular: All students have the opportunity to compete Extra-Curricular (After school)   
National Geographic Bee (January - March)

The Preliminary round takes place in the social studies classrooms. The top seven students in each grade level participate in Round 2 Geography Bee competition in the BCMS Library. When only two students remain, they compete in the final round to determine the Champion and the Runner Up. The Champion will then take an online test. If he or she scores high enough, they are invited to the Indiana National Geography Bee in March.

Ford Motor Company Kentucky Derby Festival / Jackson County Spelling Bee (January - March)

Link to Spelling Bee 2019 - Round 1

The Preliminary round takes place in language arts classrooms. The top seven students in each grade level are invited to participate in Round 2 Spelling Bee competition hosted by the BCMS Library. When only three students remain, they compete in the final round to determine the Champion, 1st Runner Up, and 2nd Runner Up. In February, these three winners will participate in the Jackson County Spelling Bee hosted by Lutheran Central. The Jackson County winner is invited to participate in the Kentucky Derby Festival Bee schedule in mid March.

Spell Bowl  (August - October)

A team of 8 - 12 students study a list of approximately 1500 words two days per week after school from 3:30 - 4:30. Competition consist of eight rounds. During a round, one BCMS student will spell (in written form) nine words from the list. Our score from each round will be totaled to give us a final score. If more than eight students join the Spell Bowl team, the scores from weekly practice spelling tests will be used to determine which students will spell during competition.

An Invitational or Mock Competition is held in late September or early October. In late October, an Area Competition (usually held at St. Vincent in Bedford) takes place. At this competition the total score earned by our eight selected Spell Bowl members will be compared to all participating Class 3 middle schools around the state. Schools with the top five scores will move on to State Competition.

The BCMS 2018 Spell Bowl Team finished 6th in Class 3 State Competition.

Super Bowl (January - April) - Practice Schedule  

BCMS students can compete on one or two academic teams in the areas of English, Math, Social Studies, and/or Science. Each subject area team consists of three to five students. The top student from each team (based on performance during practice sessions) will be selected to participate on the Interdisciplinary team. 

An Area Invitational or Mock Competition is held in late March or early April. Final Area Competition is scheduled on a Saturday (late April or early May). Scores from the final competition are sent to State for comparison by class size. Schools with the Top Ten scores in each area receive a certificate. Schools with the Top Three scores are awarded plaques.

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